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Rebecca and I went hiking in Co. Kerry, Ireland for a day trip. Kerry is my favorite County in Ireland. It has the most pristine landscapes with green mountains and breathtaking views. The woodlands in Kerry are magical. You expect a little fairy behind every other tree and it is so wonderfully calm, peaceful and quiet everywhere.


  1. Rebecca
    8. September 2012

    My favorite blog post yet! Beautifully done.

    I love all of your images, how you saw everything and how you documented the day. What beautiful light we had. It was a fabulous day and I loved every minute. Thank you. x

  2. Mary
    13. September 2012

    I’m an admirer from America. Your photos are so quietly beautiful and your love for each other so tender that sometimes I feel I’m intruding. :)
    Thank you for sharing how you see this beautiful world. I enjoy both your work and Rebecca’s comments. LOVE.

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