International Photography Awards

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International Photography Awards

This year, for the first time ever since I started out with photography, I was awarded for my work by the International Photography Awards. I feel extremely humbled and very lucky as these are the world’s most important and influential photo awards. The sheer volume of other photographers participating is mind blowing and no other competition is more visible.

The 2013 International Photography Awards received nearly 18,000 submissions from 104 countries across the globe. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to honor master photographers, to discover new and emerging talents and to promote the appreciation of photography. Since 2003, IPA acknowledges and recognizes contemporary photographers’ accomplishments.

My work was judged next to big brand campaigns like Nike and Mercedes Benz – and I have to admit that this still feels a bit surreal. I received Honorable Mentions from the IPA 2013 for my work in five different pro categories:

Advertising: Food
Fine Art: Still Life
People: Portrait
Editorial: Personality
Special: Travel/Tourism

The category I’m most excited about is Travel, because I would like to start working on my book next year. I have now gained a little more confidence that there might be someone interested in reading it.

I didn’t realize it until later, but seven out of the eight pictures awarded were shot on film with my Hasselblad, one with the Fuji X-Pro1. In a way, this feels like an indirect follow up to my last post “A lifelong journey“. I purchased the Hasselblad only nine months ago. And for the first time ever with this camera, everything feels exactly right when I take a picture.

Here are the awarded photographs, all except the last one shot with my Hasselblad 503CW on Kodak Portra 160 or 400:
Advertising: Food (Pro)
Fine Art: Still Life (Pro)
People: Portrait (Pro), Travel/Tourism (Pro),
Special: Travel/Tourism (Pro)
Special: Travel/Tourism (Pro)
Special: Travel/Tourism (Pro)
Special: Travel/Tourism (Pro)
Editorial: Personality (Pro), People: Portrait (Pro)


  1. Rebecca
    30. September 2013

    I am so proud of you, Johnny, and very happy to see your work getting recognition from such a prestigious organization. The photos you submitted are all so beautiful and really represent both you as a photographer and how the world looks through your lens.

    I don’t find it surprising that you received so many honorable mentions, not only because I think your photos are world-class, but because this success and affirmation is a natural outcome of doing what you were meant to do.

    Congratulations. :)

  2. Johnny
    30. September 2013

    Thank you so much, Rebecca.

    Your continuous support and encouragement means the world to me. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for you in my life.

  3. Tom Welland
    30. September 2013

    So chuffed for you. Really well done. Great news for you but also for film photography whom you act as an ambassador.

    Great work.

  4. Heather
    30. September 2013

    My warmest congratulations, Johnny!

    It may feel surreal now, but know that you are more than deserving of the awards you received.

    Do you think you will participate next year as well?

  5. Johnny
    30. September 2013

    Thank you very much, Heather.

    I’m not sure yet if I will participate again next year. It depends on whether I have taken a picture that I think would be worth entering. And on how brave I feel.

  6. Shawn Hoke
    30. September 2013

    Fantastic images, Johnny. And well deserved recognition of your work. Congrats!

  7. Claudette
    30. September 2013

    Such wonderful news, Johnny. Congratulations! Well deserved. And all the best with the start of your book next year… we will be interested!

  8. Thomas
    30. September 2013

    Congrats, you really do deserve it!

  9. Zach Davis
    30. September 2013

    Absolutely well deserved. You have an eye for pausing and capturing those moments that many of us would simply pass by.


  10. Niko
    30. September 2013

    Well deserved Johnny. The quality, the colours and the “feel” of your photos is just gorgeous. Congrats!

  11. Robert
    30. September 2013

    Congratulations Johnny, well deserved recognition for some truly remarkable work. I look forward to ordering a copy of your Travel Book when it comes to fruition and following it’s progress until then.

  12. Wim
    1. October 2013

    You definitely deserve it and I bring some Champagne should I come to Ireland!

  13. Johnny
    1. October 2013

    Wim, thanks so much!

    Please do visit Ireland, I would really love to meet up. If that doesn’t work out, we’ll surely make that work the next time we are in Germany.

  14. David
    1. October 2013

    Congratulations on the IPA!

    And yes, I think a lot of us are interested by reading your book. But to make it as really fine as the rest of your work, we expect dedicated copies with signed fine art print. ;)

    Thanks to inspire us.

  15. Johnny
    1. October 2013

    Haha! David, I’ll try my best! ;)

    Thank you all so much for your kind feedback, I really appreciate it. Especially when it’s coming from so many very talented fellow photographers.

  16. Imre Tamasi
    3. October 2013

    Hi Johnny!

    Just a few months ago I found you on the internet and since I’m looking at your pictures. I think what you do is a real simple photography, which is not easy to do. Each image is full of content, emotion, tranquility – harmony of colors and light are also great – which is a unique, personal style.


  17. Johnny
    3. October 2013

    Thank you very much, Imre.

    You’re right, keeping it simple isn’t always easy and what you describe is very matching with what I often try to capture in a photograph. I’m happy you enjoy my work!

  18. Billy
    4. October 2013

    Johnny, without seeing any of the other photos that participated I can say this is totally deserved. Whatever the category, they all have that ‘J. Patience signature’.

    What a feeling this must be, definitely when you see the number of participants! Keep posting please, your pictures are inspiring!

    Oh, and write that book! ;)

  19. Johnny
    4. October 2013

    Billy, thanks very much.

    I am definitely planning on writing my travel book, but it’ll be a while. I hope I can start working on it next year. It will probably take around a year to finish it.

  20. Martin
    4. October 2013

    Congratulations Johnny!

    You really deserve it and I enjoy every single word you write on this blog, as well as every photo you upload. I’m impressed by the way you handle film and digital photography with a focus on analog and getting those gorgeous results. It was only a matter of time! I’m very happy for you and I hope I can learn a lot from your experience because I’m still struggling with the film segment while I enjoy every positive aspect of digital.


  21. Johnny
    4. October 2013

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Martin.

    I never had the impression you are struggling with any aspect of photography, but please feel free to ask for help in regards to shooting film if you think that it might be beneficial for you. I’m always happy to help!

  22. Robert
    4. October 2013

    For sure a great satisfaction for you! Yes, shooting film can be rewarding (and digital can be more… convenient). After reading your blog I started to shoot again with my (father’s) Rolleiflex!

    Congrats again,


  23. Johnny
    4. October 2013

    Thank you, Robert.

    I didn’t mean to say that film is better than digital. If at all, I always try to make the point that I think both has its place. My reference to my last blog post was more about identifying what is right for yourself.

    But shooting film surely is rewarding. Have fun with your Rolleiflex! :)

  24. Andrew
    5. October 2013

    Wonderful news Johnny!

    Congratulations, it’s great to see your work being recognised. You’re images have a lovely presence, stillness and timelessness to them. Keep it up.

  25. Johnny
    5. October 2013

    Andrew, thank you very much.

    I appreciate your kind feedback. I’m really happy that you enjoy my work. You know how much I respect yours!

  26. Ray
    8. October 2013

    Every bit deserved Johnny, congratulations!

    Your work is still one that influences how I see and shoot the world, every day. Damn, I want to be you when I grow up! ;)

    Seriously, this is a huge honor for you – you’ve done the legwork to be who you are.

  27. Johnny
    8. October 2013

    Thanks so very much, Ray!

    It’s really such fun to see what all has happened over the years that we know each other. But don’t be silly! You know you’re pretty grown up all by yourself. ;)

  28. Rita Moreno
    19. October 2013


    I have been following your work for some time an although I have some complaints on how little you post, you certainly have great, great pictures. I would love to see some film shot in Lisbon and Portuguese villages. It’s totally your style! :)

  29. Johnny
    19. October 2013

    Rita, thank you for your feedback.

    I’m very happy you like my pictures. It’s really funny that you pointed out how little I post, I always thought I share a lot! ;)

    I shoot more film since the beginning of this year and that requires more time from the moment I take a picture until I am able to post the results on my blog. I also try to be selective.

    I would love to go to Portugal in the future. I have never been to Spain either and it would be wonderful to combine both in a longer road trip! Thank you again for your suggestion.

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