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October and November have been very busy months. I was stuck in client projects for a long time and after these were finished, Rebecca and I worked on the relaunch of her website. Even though that all was a lot of fun (check out the cool preview tool we developed), my beloved X-Pro1 was sitting on my desk the whole time making these sad eyes at me.

This week we finally had two days off work and sun. Rebecca got the X-E1 meanwhile and we took both Fujis with us and went to Kinsale for a day (you can find her pictures here). This was the first real outing with the X-Pro1 and I have to say that I’m really impressed. It does almost everything better than my Nikon. The level of details, the colors and the dynamic range are so much fun to work with. The only thing I am still adjusting to are the different field of view (crop sensor vs. full frame) and the depth of field (50mm f1.4 vs. the equivalent of a 50mm f2.0).

All the shots below were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Fujinon 35mm 1.4 lens:


  1. Rebecca Lily
    29. November 2012

    I adore that picture of the Greyhound Bar barrel. The colors are just perfect.
    Love the vividness in all of these!
    You know what’s amazing? Not one picture with blown-out sky – on a sunny day!
    Wow. x

  2. Roundup reviews | Fuji Rumors
    2. December 2012

    […] A lot of beautiful X-PRO1 XF35mm sample pics can be seen here at johnnypatience. […]

  3. Chad
    5. December 2012

    How good are those Fuji colors and DR? Really good, as these photos attest.

    So, I purchased some of Rebecca’s wonderful actions before acquiring my XP1 and then happened upon Johnny’s site via Tis a small photographic world for sure.



  4. Johnny
    5. December 2012

    Thank you for your kind feedback, guys!

    Chad, you have a great portfolio.
    And yes, it’s a very small photographic world. For sure.

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