Owenahincha Beach

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Owenahincha Beach

After weeks of rain over the whole summer we were very blessed with a couple of more sunny days lately. We finally have the chance to go out more and take pictures again.

These shots are from a little outing to Owenahincha Beach with Rebecca. We were there for about two hours and the weather changed constantly as you can see in the pictures. When we arrived it was cloudy, then it turned stormy and rainy for about 20 minutes and afterwards the sun came out and we enjoyed a wonderful golden hour. For me it was very challenging to capture these different moods – and lot of fun!


  1. Rebecca Lily
    17. September 2012

    So, so beautiful, Johnny. These images bring me to such a peaceful place.
    I love how you combined these soft tones with vivid contrasts and then mixed it up with black & white! You do it like no one else can.

  2. Rachel
    18. September 2012

    Some beautiful images. As always truly inspirational.

  3. Suzi
    20. September 2012

    Great work Johnny. You give us a real sense of being there.

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